Summer and Fall 2016 Coaching Lab Call Schedule

Benefit from two group Coaching Lab calls per month. Join us on Fridays from 8-8:45 am ET or 12 - 12:45 pm ET for two group coaching calls per month. Each month we have a different group coaching focus for leaders and team members. For example, explorilng your vision or values as a professional.

During the monthy Coach-on-Call session you are encouraged to bring your coaching focus to the talbe. Perhaps you want further insights around a business challenge or opportunity. Maybe you want to gain some clarity around a particular topic. Jennifer provides real-time laser coaching during the monthly Coach-on- Call session.

Calls a scheduled on a monthly basis and are held on Zoom. You can dial in by phone or use your computer to access the calls.

This is an add on, and you can join us for the Coaching Lab calls for an additional $97 per month or purchase a quarter block for $297, in addition to your on-demand course registration.

Foundations Coaching Lab Summer Fall 2016 schedule.pdf
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